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AdoBot Panel - Open-source Android Spyware xploitlab

Billions of people in the world use android device, and a lot of them don’t know that their device can be spy, because you know about Jamal Kashogi incident The U.S. whistle-blower Edward Snowden told “Jamal Kashogi device is spy by spyware”. This is how important to know how spyware is can exploit your device.

And many people assume that Pegasus Spyware is behind this, this is spyware that developed by NSO group and also Pegasus Spyware is sell for goverment. This Spyware is use malicious link, which, when clicked, delivers a chain of zero-day exploits to penetrate security features on the phone and installs Pegasus without the user’s knowledge or permission. Now, i will share you some open source sypware for android just for education.


Open source android Spyware. AdoBot can remote android device and can do anything on victim device. Send and Read SMS, Collect Data, Monitor Locations and more.


  • Realtime command execution
  • Schedule commands
  • Hidden app icon (stealth mode)
  • Fetch SMS in, call logs, contacts
  • Send SMS command
  • Forward received/sent SMS
  • Monitor location
  • Update apk remotely
  • Data collected are retained in database
  • Realtime notifications about device status
  • Transfer bot reporting to another server
  • For android 6 and above:
    • You can view the permissions of the app
    • The app asks for permission when a certain command is sent the there is no permission

Need help/Todo

  • access files
  • take photo stealthly
  • get browser history
  • and more…


Just compile (as signed APK) and install the app to the victim’s android device. Then start the app and configure the parameters:

  • Server URL: Set the URL of your AdoBot-IO server. It must include the protocol i.e.
  • SMS Open Command: Send an SMS to any number containing this text to open the Adobot settings. “Open adobot” (default).
  • Force Command: Send an SMS containing this text to the victim’s phone to forcefully sync data to server. “Baby?” (default).

Next go to and follow the instructions on setting up the admin panel.

Management Console Screenshot

Main GUI

AdoBot Panel - Open-source Android Spyware xploitlab

Main SMS Tab

AdoBot SMS tab - Open-source Android Spyware

Single SMS Thread View

AdoBot Read SMS - Open-source Android Spyware xploitlab

Location Tab

AdoBot Location - Open-source Android Spyware xploitlab

Call Logs Tab

AdoBot Call Logs - Open-source Android Spyware xploitlab

Update APK

AdoBot Update APK - Open-source Android Spyware xploitlab


AdoBot Notification Offline - Open-source Android Spyware xploitlab


All is Just education purpose only.

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