Bypass 403 – Simple Script For Bypassing 403 Forbidden Response

Bypass 403 - Simple Script Tool For Bypassing 403 Forbidden Response


In the world of web application security, encountering a “403 Forbidden” response can be frustrating for security researchers and penetration testers. However, tool to bypass 403 Forbidden like Bypass-403, offer a way to bypass this access restriction and explore the hidden content. This tool capabilities and significance of Bypass-403 in bypassing the 403 response, enabling researchers to uncover potential vulnerabilities and improve overall application security.

Understanding the 403 Forbidden Response

The “403 Forbidden” response is a standard HTTP status code that indicates a server’s refusal to fulfill a request. It is commonly used to restrict access to certain resources or directories within a web application. However, sometimes these restrictions can be misconfigured, leading to false positives or unintentional blocking of legitimate requests.

403 Forbidden Response Bypass Tool

Bypass-403 is an open-source tool developed by iamj0ker, designed to assist security researchers in bypassing 403 access restrictions. With a collection of techniques and payloads, Bypass-403 aims to uncover hidden content and potential vulnerabilities that may have been concealed by the initial access restriction.


  • Use 24 known Bypasses method for 403 with the help of curl
  • Fast tool for bypassing 403
  • It can also be used to compare responses on verious conditions as shown in the below snap


  • git clone
  • cd bypass-403
  • chmod +x
  • sudo apt install figlet – If you are unable to see the logo as in the screenshot
  • sudo apt install jq – If you don’t have jq installed on your machine


$ ./ admin

$ ./ website-here path-here

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