Commix – Automated OS Command Injection Exploitation Tool

Commix - Automated OS Command Injection Exploitation Tool

In the realm of web application security, OS command injection vulnerabilities pose a significant risk, allowing attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the underlying operating system. Exploiting these vulnerabilities requires specialized tool to automates the process of command injection detection and exploitation. One such tool to automated OS command injection exploitation is Commix.

What is OS Command Injection?

OS command injection occurs when an application allows user-supplied input to be executed as a command on the underlying operating system. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by injecting malicious commands, potentially leading to unauthorized data disclosure, system compromise, or even remote code execution.

OS Command Injection Tool

Commix is an open-source command injection exploitation tool. It provides a comprehensive and flexible framework to automate the detection and exploitation of OS command injection vulnerabilities. Commix aims to assist security researchers and developers in identifying and remediating these critical security flaws.

Commix Features and Functionality

  1. Dynamic Command Injection Testing: Commix dynamically analyzes a web application by injecting various payloads to identify and exploit command injection vulnerabilities. It supports multiple techniques, including black-box and white-box testing, to cover a wide range of scenarios.
  2. Payload Generation: Commix incorporates an extensive collection of payloads tailored for different operating systems, command shells, and injection contexts. These payloads are designed to maximize the chances of command injection exploitation and provide flexibility to security researchers.
  3. Context Awareness: Commix intelligently analyzes the context of command injection vulnerabilities to adapt its injection technique accordingly. It handles different input sanitization methods, command concatenation, encoding, and other nuances that can affect successful exploitation.
  4. Command Injection Detection: Commix leverages dynamic analysis techniques to detect and confirm command injection vulnerabilities accurately. It analyzes application responses, error messages, and behavior to identify successful injections and potential command execution.
  5. Post-Exploitation Actions: Upon successful exploitation, Commix provides additional features to facilitate post-exploitation activities. It offers command shell access, file system manipulation, privilege escalation, and interactive sessions for further exploration and compromise.
  6. Reporting and Collaboration: Commix generates detailed reports summarizing the detected vulnerabilities, exploited commands, and their outcomes. These reports assist security researchers in communicating findings, collaborating with development teams, and driving vulnerability remediation efforts.


To install commix, you can download commix on any platform by cloning the official Git repository :

$ git clone commix

Alternatively, you can download the latest tarball or zipball.

Note: Python (version 2.62.7 or 3.x) is required for running commix.

Commix - Tool to automates the process of command injection detection and exploitation

How to Use Commix

To get a list of all options and switches use:

$ python -h

Exploiting Damn Vulnerable Web Application (High level OS command injection):

$ python –url=”” –data=”ip=” –cookie=”security=high; PHPSESSID=nq30op434117mo7o2oe5bl7is4″ –technique=f –web-root=”/var/www/html/”

Exploiting CVE-2014-6271/Shellshock with commix:

$ python –url=”” –shellshock

Exploiting commix-testbed (cookie):

$ python –url=”” –cookie=”addr=″ -p addr

Exploiting commix-testbed (user-agent):

$ python –url=”” -p user-agent

Exploiting commix-testbed (referer):

$ python –url=”” -p referer

To see all example commands, click here.


OS command injection vulnerabilities continue to pose a significant threat to web application security. Commix equips security researchers and developers with a powerful and efficient tool to identify and exploit these vulnerabilities.

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