DDoor – Cross Platform Backdoor Using DNS txt Records

DDoor - Cross Platform Backdoor Using DNS txt Records xploitlab

To hack any devices attacker mostly use trojan/backdoor that infect victim machine and gain access into it. The backdoor is malware that can provide access from the attacker to victim machine and also allow attacker to spy your webcam, microphone and the monitor.


cross platform backdoor using dns txt records

What is ddor?

ddor is a cross platform light weight backdoor that uses txt records to execute commands on infected machines.


  • Allows a single txt record to have seperate commands for both linux and also windows machines
  • List of around 10 public DNS servers that it randomly chooses from
  • Unpredictable call back times
  • Encrypts txt record using xor with custom password

Linux Features:

  • Anti-Debugging, if ptrace is detected as being attached to the process it will exit.
  • Process Name/Thread names are cloaked, a fake name overwrites all of the system arguments and file name to make it seem like a legitimate program.
  • Automatically Daemonizes
  • Tries to set GUID/UID to 0 (root)

Windows Features:

  • Hides Console Window
  • Stub Size of around 20kb


To install the dependencies needed for the python generation script run.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Make sure to edit config.h and replace the provided domain with yours, you can change the fake name as well as the password.

To create a Linux binary:

Run the compile.sh script, this will create a file called binary in the bin folder.

To Create a Windows Binary:

This project was built using VS 2019, if you open the sln file using VS2019 select the release build and build it.


Run payload_manager.py with python3 to create a hex encoded payload, then update or create a txt record for your domain, make sure that the TTL is set to 300 seconds!!!

Payload Manager Usage:

$ ./payload_manager.py -h
@@@@@@@   @@@@@@@    @@@@@@    @@@@@@   @@@@@@@
@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@
@@!  @@@  @@!  @@@  @@!  @@@  @@!  @@@  @@!  @@@
[email protected]!  @[email protected]  [email protected]!  @[email protected]  [email protected]!  @[email protected]  [email protected]!  @[email protected]  [email protected]!  @[email protected]
@[email protected]  [email protected]!  @[email protected]  [email protected]!  @[email protected]  [email protected]!  @[email protected]  [email protected]!  @[email protected][email protected]!
[email protected]!  !!!  [email protected]!  !!!  [email protected]!  !!!  [email protected]!  !!!  [email protected][email protected]!
!!:  !!!  !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!  !!: :!!
:!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!
 :::: ::   :::: ::  ::::: ::  ::::: ::  ::   :::
:: :  :   :: :  :    : :  :    : :  :    :   : :
usage: payload_manager.py [-h] [-l LINUX_CMD] [-w WINDOWS_CMD]
                          [-d DOMAIN_SEARCH]
ddor, crossplatform dns backdoor
optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -l LINUX_CMD      Linux Command
  -w WINDOWS_CMD    Windows Command
  -d DOMAIN_SEARCH  Domain to Check Commands On 

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