DetExploit – Tool That Detect Vulnerable Applications & Not-installed Important OS updates And Notify To User

DetExploit - Tool That Detect Vulnerable Applications xploitlab

In any system or machine that run sofware or applications will be found a vulnerable applications that can harm to system and also an OS update that important to install in system, because attacker can use that vulnerable on the system to exploit your devices.


DetExploit is software that detect vulnerable applications and not-installed important OS updates on the system, and notify them to user.

As we know, most of cyberattacks uses vulnerability that is released out year before. I thought this is huge problem, and also this kind of technology should be more powerful than technology that will detect unknown malwares or exploits.

Because of that, i wish and work hard to make this an huge OSS (Open Source Software) project, to help these days society.


  • Easy to install
    • Just download latest execution file from release page.
    • And you are ready to scan!!
  • Simple, but powerful
    • Scan doesn’t require any complicated process.
    • Just click on start button, to start the scan.
  • Using 5 open vulnerability database.
    • ExploitDB, JVN, NVD, JPCERT, US-CERT
    • They’re all free to use, and also reliable.
  • Not only software.
    • DetExploit contains function to scan any not-installed Windows Update.
    • By using Windows Update Catalog, it will automatically classify importance of update.
  • High accuracy
    • DetExploit uses registry and WMI to collect all installed software on the system.
    • For registry, it uses three key for variation of version number. (ex: 1.0 or 1.0.0)
    • These fact is telling that DetExploit is using 4 different information source from system, and that makes accuracy higher than other vulnerability scanners.
DetExploit - Sofware That Detect Vulnerable Applications xploitlab


How to run

Executable Build is not available now.
It is planned to be availble on stable release.

# Install requirements
C:\path\to\DetExlopit>pip install -r requirements.txt
# Move to src directory
C:\path\to\DetExlopit>cd src
# Run CUI version using python (PATH needs to be configured if not.)
# Run GUI version using python (PATH needs to be configured if not.)


Supported Database

Contact to developer

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