Diggy – Tool For Detect All Endpoints/URLs From APK Files

Diggy Tool For Detect All EndpointsURLs From APK Files xploitlab-1

This tool is coded by Somdev Sangwan, with Diggy you can perform reverse engenering and extrack all endpoints/URLs from APK files. Just download some apk files and you run Diggy to grab endpoints/URLs from that APK files. This tool is helping you to find a hidden URLs or IP server from the APK file and automatically save all data in txt file.


Diggy can extract endpoints/URLs from apk files. It saves the result into a txt file for further processing.



Clone or Download Diggy repository :

§  git clone https://github.com/s0md3v/Diggy.git

Go to Diggy folder and run :

§ chmod +x install.sh && diggy.sh


You can also install it for easier access by running install.sh
After that, you will be able to run Diggy as follows :

§ diggy /path/to/apk/file.apk

Note: In the installed mode, results will be saved in /root/Diggy directory while in normal mode the results will be saved in the directory you ran diggy from.


Diggy Tool For Detect All EndpointsURLs From APK Files xploitlab

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