Digispark Rubber Ducky – Create Low Cost USB for Hacking

How to Create Malicious USB For Hacking, USB like Mr. Robot USB Rubber Ducky

Hacking kit is take an important role on professional pentesters. Some of exploitations requires hacking hardware to complete an attack. There is so many hacking kit types, but now we going to create USB Rubber Ducky from cheap hardware called Digispark.

What is USB Rubber Ducky?

Rubber Ducky is the name of USB for hacking and pentesting, this USB is different from regular USB. USB Rubber Ducky developed to impersonates a keyboard. Basically if the USB is plug in on your computer then it can type anything on your keyboard. Of course before that attacker programmed the USB to type a command for inject malicious payloads such as reverse shells and RATs.

Computers recognize it as a regular keyboard and automatically accept its pre-programmed keystroke payloads at over 1000 words per minute. And also you can injecting keystrokes wirelessly with tool called Uberducky. USB Rubber Ducky is quite popular on hackers communities. It also shown in a hacking scene in Mr. Robot.

Convert Digispark into USB Rubber Ducky

To create cheap hacking USB, you must have the requirements:


Step 1: Setup Digispark on Arduino IDE

Install your Arduino IDE, after finish plug in your Digispark and then open the Arduino IDE. Go to File -> Preferences.

Make Hacking USB Rubber Ducky with arduino Digispark

On the input field named “Additional Boards Manager URLs” enter this URL. Then click OK


Create Cheap Hacking Tools USB Rubber Ducky

Go to Tools -> Board -> Boards Manager. From the drop down menu select “Contributed”, Select the Digistump AVR Boards package and click Install button.

Digispark Rubber Ducky - Create Low Cost USB for Hacking

Step 2: Install Digispark Bootloader Driver

Installing botloader driver is very important. Once you program it, it’ll work like a rubber ducky (a generic USB keyboard) on any device you plug it into without any driver. Download the driver here and then install it.

Installing Digipark Botloader Driver to make the USB like Rubber Ducky

Step 3: Final Installation

After all step is complete, close the “Boards Manager” window and then select the Tools -> Board, and select Digispark (Default — 16.5mhz) and set it as default.

How to install and create USB rubber ducky with Arduino IDE

Now your Digispark is successfully converted into USB Rubber Ducky. You can upload any payloads and then try to plug the malicious Digispark USB on your computer.

Upload Payloads into Disgispark

There is so many tools which can help you choose any payloads you want. Here is the tool Digispark-Duckduino, DigiSpark-Scripts or you can convert the original Rubber Ducky Payload into Digispark Payload with Duck2spark.

To inject the payload into Digispark USB, it very simple, you just have open the arduino IDE and write/insert your payload code after that click upload and then plug in the Digispark.

How to inject or insert payload into Digispark USB Rubber Ducky Arduino

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