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Security has two difficult tasks: designing smart ways of getting new information, and keeping track of findings to improve remediation efforts. With Faraday, you may focus on discovering vulnerabilities while we help you with the rest. Just use it in your terminal and get your work organized on the run. Faraday was made to let you take advantage of the available tools in the community in a truly multiuser way.

Faraday aggregates and normalyzses the data you load, allowing exploring it into different visualizations that are useful to managers and analyst alike.



The easiest way to get faraday up and running is using our docker-compose

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/infobyte/faraday/master/docker-compose.yaml $ docker-compose up

If you want to customize, you can find an example config over here Link

PyPi (python pip)

$ pip3 install faradaysec $ faraday-manage initdb $ faraday-server


If you want to run directly from Faraday GitHub repo, this is the recommended way:

$ pip3 install virtualenv $ virtualenv faraday_venv $ source faraday_venv/bin/activate $ git clone [email protected]:infobyte/faraday.git $ pip3 install . $ faraday-manage initdb $ faraday-server

Check out our documentation for detailed information on how to install Faraday in all of our supported platforms.

For more information about the installation, check out our Installation Wiki.

In your browser now you can go to http://localhost:5985 and login with “faraday” as username, and the password given by the installation process.

Faraday Cli

Faraday-cli is our command line client, providing easy access to the console tools, work in faraday directly from the terminal!

This is a great way to automate scans, integrate it to CI/CD pipeline or just get metrics from a workspace

$ pip3 install faraday-cli

Check the faraday-cli repo

Check out the documentation here.

Faraday Agents

Faraday Agents Dispatcher is a tool that gives Faraday the ability to run scanners or tools remotely from the platform and get the results.


Connect you favorite tools through our plugins. Right now there are more than 80+ supported tools, among which you will find:

Faraday Plugins - Open Source Vulnerability Management Platform

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