Grabcam – Tool to Hack Camera By Simple Offer Page

Grabcam - Tool to hack camera with simple link xploitlab

Most smartphones or laptops have a camera to make the users easier to capture or filming a moment. But the camera is also the main things that attacker want to take over, because attacker can spying on you undetectable. To protect yourself from that, you have to know “how attacker can hack a camera ??”

About Grabcam

grabcam is a bash based script which is officially made for termux from this tool can hack you victims camera by simple offer page (link). This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device.

The tool generates a malicious HTTPS page using Serveo or Ngrok Port Forwarding methods, and a maliciuos javascript code to make a cam capture requests.

grabcam is available for:

  • Termux

Installation and usage guide:

$ apt-get update -y

$ apt-get upgrade -y

$ pkg install python -y

$ pkg install python2 -y

$ pkg install git -y

$ pip install lolcat

$ git clone

$ ls

$ cd grabcam

$ ls

$ bash

To see captured images :

$ ls

$ mv (image name with .png) /sdcard

Now go and chek your gallery for victim image…

  • Now you need internet connection to continue further process…
  • You can select any option by clicking on your keyboard
  • Note:- Don’t delete any of the scripts included in grabcam files



This tool is only for educational purpose. If you use this tool for other purposes except education we will not be responsible in such cases.

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