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Internet or Network is cannot be excluded on someone’s daily life,without that we all just like homo sapiens back to stone age. But, you know, Network or Internet connection is can be use for spy your device. Because, network is like a bridge to interact from attacker to victim. HackerTarget Toolkit is tools that help you to perform network intelligence.

HackerTarget Toolkit

Use open source tools and network intelligence to help organizations with attack surface discovery and identification of security vulnerabilities. Identification of an organizations vulnerabilities is an impossible task without tactical intelligence on the network footprint. By combining open source intelligence with the worlds best open source security scanning tools, we enable your attack surface discovery. With the ability for Internet assets to be deployed in seconds, the attack surface is more dynamic and ever growing. This very fact makes mapping your external network footprint a hard problem.

We aim to provide solutions to solve this problem. Start with our tools for domain and IP address data, then pivot to mapping the exposure with hosted open source scanners. We have developed a linux terminal tool using python programming language through an api which we received from !

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git clone https://github.com/ismailtasdelen/hackertarget.git
cd hackertarget/

Run pip3 install to set up this script

pip3 install .

Run hackertarget CLI script via following command

python3 hackertarget.py

HackerTarget Toolkit - HackerTarget - Tools And Network Intelligence xploitlab

Menu :

  • [1] Traceroute
  • [2] Ping Test
  • [3] DNS Lookup
  • [4] Reverse DNS
  • [5] Find DNS Host
  • [6] Find Shared DNS
  • [7] Zone Transfer
  • [8] Whois Lookup
  • [9] IP Location Lookup
  • [10] Reverse IP Lookup
  • [11] TCP Port Scan
  • [12] Subnet Lookup
  • [13] HTTP Header Check
  • [14] Extract Page Links
  • [15] Version
  • [16] Exit

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