Hackuna – Mobile App To Block and Track Hackers

Hackuna - Mobile App To Block and Track Hackers xploitlab

Hacker can exploit your mobile device without being noticed, even you use that phone. To exploit your device hacker can use WiFi as a bridge to enter into your phone. Just be careful if you use public WiFi, because you don’t now someone is use that connection to spy you.


Hackuna is a antihack mobile app, it is your weapon against hackers. Developed by Cryptors Cybersecurity Inc. Company that aware to protect yours from be spied.

Study says that a hacker can hack your online accounts within atleast 60 seconds by just connecting to a Public Free WiFi.

What Hackuna can do ?

  • Detect and track the hacker that hacks you within the free public WiFi.
  • See the devices within your WiFi to monitor suspicious devices.
  • Check if you are being spied by some apps in your smartphone.
  • Be aware if there is existing hacker tool or app in your device.

You can also track the hackers within the area. It will give you all the details you need to find the hacker within the area or to report it to the authority.

Hackuna - Mobile App To Block and Track Hackers

Install Hackuna Anti-Hack on Google Play Store. Once you turn ON the WiFi Police, the app will detect & track hackers that will hack you.

And then, you can now peacefully connect to every public free WiFi, safe from hackers! This is now the era where hackers will be afraid of hacking you!

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