InstaPy – Tool for Automated Instagram Interactions

InstaPy - Tool for Automated Instagram Interactions

If you wanna now how to get instagram followers fast ?, how to get likes on instagram and how to grow up your bussines on instagram, the answer is InstaPy tool for automates make your instagram account interact with anything like hashtag, comments, likes, followers and many more. All of that is run automatically or we called instagram bot.

InstaPy is coded by Tim Grossmann, you can learn how to use this tool with full video tutorials. InstaPy is also support in graphical user interface mode, this will help you to manage more easily.


Tooling that automates your social media interactions to “farm” Likes, Comments, and Followers on Instagram Implemented in Python using the Selenium module.


pip install instapy

That’s it !!

If you’re on Ubuntu, read the specific guide on Installing on Ubuntu (64-Bit). If you’re on a Raspberry Pi, read the Installing on RaspberryPi guide instead.

Important: depending on your system, make sure to use pip3 and python3 instead.

You can put in your account details now by passing the username and password parameters to the InstaPy() function in your quickstart script, like so:


Or you can pass them using the Command Line Interface (CLI).

If you’ve used InstaPy before installing it by pip, you have to move your old data to the new workspace folder for once. Read how to do this here.

To run InstaPy, you’ll need to run the quickstart script you’ve just downloaded.

-- or
python --username abc --password 123

InstaPy will now open a browser window and start working.

If want InstaPy to run in the background pass the --headless-browser option when running from the CLI Or add the headless_browser=True parameter to the InstaPy(headless_browser=True) constructor.

Updating InstaPy

pip install instapy -U


External Tools:

InstaPy Dashboard

instapy - how to get likes on instagram xploitlab

InstaPy Dashboard is an Open Source project developed by @converge to visualize Instagram accounts progress and real-time InstaPy logs on the browser.

InstaPy GUI

InstaPy - how to get instagram followers xploitlab

InstaPy GUI is a Graphical User Interface including some useful Analytics developed by @breuerfelix.


All information on how to use InstaPy with Docker can be found in the instapy-docker repository.


A list of all features of InstaPy can be found here.

Help build InstaPy!

Check out this short guide on how to start contributing!.

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