JitterBug – Tool to Search Basic Info, Open Ports and Potential CVE’s

JitterBug Hacking Website - Tool to Search Basic Info, Open Ports and Potential CVE

Hacking a website is not simple as you can imagine, there is so many hacking techniques you have to learn. The first step to hack a system is finding the vulnerabilities, but a lot of system upgraded their security and also firewall to protect the system. For example, if you’re perform vulnerability scanning directly on the system then the system will block your connection because there is suspicious traffic. But with this JitterBug you can find and scan system vulnerabilities with third party databases without direct interaction with the target.


JitterBug passively searches for Basic Info, open ports, potential CVE’s on the given Target IP’s in third party databases without Direct interactions with the targets making it completely stealthy.

Please Note That JitterBug Does not interact with the Target IP at all. The information Gathered By JitterBug is Collected in a very Stealth way from 3rd Party Sources.

Installing and Running JitterBug

curl should be already installed on your system

$ sudo apt install curl

Install and run as follows

$ git clone https://github.com/SxNade/JitterBug $ cd JitterBug $ chmod +x jtrbug $ ./jtrbug (target-ip)

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