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Lockdoor Framework - Penetration Testing Framework xploitlab

If you a pentester you have to try a penetration testing framework with complete tools to perform scanning, web hacking, password attack, exploit, information gathering, recon, reverse engineering and more. Because in this tool contains the most used tools by Pentesters, The tool is called “Lockdoor Framework” coded by Sofiane Hamlaoui. You can perform anything just with one tool.


LockDoor is a Framework aimed at helping penetration testers, bug bounty hunters And cyber security engineers. This tool is designed for Debian/Ubuntu/ArchLinux based distributions to create a similar and familiar distribution for Penetration Testing. But containing the favorite and the most used tools by Pentesters.

As pentesters, most of us has his personal ‘ /pentest/ ‘ directory so this Framework is helping you to build a perfect one. With all of that ! It automates the Pentesting process to help you do the job more quickly and easily.


Added value : (what makes it different from other frameworks).

  • Information Gathring Tools (21)
  • Web Hacking Tools (15)
  • Reverse Engineering Tools (15)
  • Exploitation Tools (6)
  • Pentesting & Security Assessment Findings Report Templates (6)
  • Password Attack Tools (4)
  • Shell Tools + Blackarch’s Webshells Collection (4)
  • Walk Throughs & Pentest Processing Helpers (3)
  • Encryption/Decryption Tools (2)
  • Social Engineering tools (1)
  • All you need as Privilege Escalation scripts and exploits
  • Information Gathering tools (13)
  • Web Hacking Tools (9)
  • Google Hacking Database

NB: Read all Lockdoor Tools Contents Here

Pentesting Tools Selection:

  • Tools ?Lockdoor doesn’t contain all pentesting tools (Added value) , let’s be honest ! Who ever used all the Tools you find on all those Penetration Testing distributions ? Lockdoor contains only the favorite (Added value) and the most used toolsby Pentesters (Added value).
  • what Tools ?: the tools contains Lockdoor are a collection from the best tools (Added value) on Kali,Parrot Os and BlackArch. Also some private tools (Added value) from some other hacking teams (Added value) like InurlBr, iran-cyber. Without forgeting some cool and amazing tools I found on Github made by some perfect human beigns (Added value).
  • Easy customization: Easily add/remove tools. (Added value)
  • Installation: You can install the tool automatically using the installer.sh , Manually or on Docker [COMING SOON]

Resources and cheatsheets: (Added value)

  • Resources: That’s what makes Lockdoor Added value, Lockdoor Doesn’t contain only tools ! Pentesing and Security Assessment Findings Reports templates (Added value) , Pentesting walkthrough examples and tempales (Added value) and more.
  • Cheatsheets: Everyone can forget something on processing or a tool use, or even some trciks. Here comes the Cheatsheets (Added value) role ! there are cheatsheets about everything, every tool on the framework and any enumeration,exploitation and post-exploitation techniques.

Tested On :

  • Kali Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Arch
  • Opensuse
  • Windows

Screenshots :

Installation :


git clone https://github.com/SofianeHamlaoui/Lockdoor-Framework.git && cd Lockdoor-Framework
chmod +x ./install.sh


Installing requirements :

  • python & python-pip
  • python-requests
  • python2 & python2-pip
  • gcc
  • ruby
  • php
  • git
  • wget
  • bc
  • curl
  • netcat
  • subversion
  • jre-openjdk
  • make & automake
  • gcc
  • linux-headers gzip

NB: But if you use Linux all the requirements is automatically installed on your machine.

Installing Go (golang) :

wget https://dl.google.com/go/go1.13.linux-amd64.tar.gz
tar -xvf go1.13.linux-amd64.tar.gz
mv go /usr/local
export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin:$PATH
rm go1.13.linux-amd64.tar.gz 

Installing Lockdoor :

# Clonnig
git clone https://github.com/SofianeHamlaoui/Lockdoor-Framework.git
cd Lockdoor-Framework
# Create the config file
# INSTALLDIR = where you want to install Lockdoor (Ex : /opt/sofiane/pentest)
echo "Location:"$installdir > $HOME"/.config/lockdoor/lockdoor.conf"
# Moving the resources folder
mv ToolsResources/* INSTALLDIR
# Installing Lockdoor from PyPi
pip3 install lockdoor 

Demo Video

Demo video


WARNING: Project is still in version 1.0 BETA. It is still under active development and bugs might be present.

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