MetaFinder – Tool for Searching Documents in a Domain

MetaFinder - Tool for Searching Documents in a Domain with search engine google, bing, baidu, yandex


MetaFinder is a tool to find documents in a website or domain. This tool is using Search Engines (Google, Bing and Baidu) to Search for documents in a domain. The objective is to extract metadata.


Install MetaFinder with python pip:

> pip3 install metafinder

Upgrades are also available using:

> pip3 install metafinder –upgrade


MetaFinder can be used in 2 ways:


metafinder -d -l 20 -o folder [-t 10] -go -bi -ba


  • d: Specifies the target domain.
  • l: Specify the maximum number of results to be searched in the searchs engines.
  • o: Specify the path to save the report.
  • t: Optional. Used to configure the threads (4 by default).
  • v: Show Metafinder version.
  • Search Engines to select (Google by default):
    • go: Optional. Search in Google.
    • bi: Optional. Search in Bing.
    • ba: Optional. Search in Baidu. (Experimental)

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