Operative Framework – Tool For Digital Forensic to Investigate Websites,Email,Company,People and more

Operative Framework Tool For Digital Forensic

Operative Framework is a OSINT tool that can Forensic data for example Websites, Email Address, Company, People, Ip Address and many more. This Framework is GUI (Graphical User Interface) that can easy to use it. The Gathering Information is completely important, this tool can help you collect data from a Target. This tool is absolutly powerfull, to proof it you can try this tool.

Coded by Graniet a french security researcher, PoC terminator, coder of various tools. This Framework is coded with Golang, and because of that you need to install Golang on your device.

Operative Framework

operative framework is the digital investigation framework, you can interact with websites, email address, company, people, ip address … with basic/graphical view and export with XML, JSON.

You can interact with multiple targets, execute multiple modules, create links with target, export report to PDF file, add note to target or results, interact with RESTFul API, write your own modules.

How to Install

You need this packages

  • Golang


§  go get github.com/graniet/operative-framework


§  go get -u github.com/graniet/operative-framework

Screenshoot :

Operative Framework Tool For Digital Forensics

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