Subfinder - Fast Passive Subdomain Enumeration and Scanner Tool

Subfinder – Fast Passive Subdomain Enumeration Tool

Subfinder is an open-source tool that is designed to help bug hunter and penetration testers discover subdomains related to a specific domain. Subdomains are often overlooked by security teams and…

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FirebaseExploiter - Automate Tool to Scan Vulnerable Firebase and exploit it

FirebaseExploiter – Tool to Discovers Exploitable Firebase

Firebase is a popular mobile and web application development platform that provides developers with a range of features such as real-time database, authentication, and hosting services. FirebaseExploiter takes advantage of…

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httpx - Tool To Screenshot and Extract Metadata From List of domains or hosts

HTTPX – Multi-purpose HTTP Toolkit

HTTPX is a popular tool for bug bounty hunters that provides a fast and efficient way to scan web applications for security vulnerabilities. It is a lightweight and powerful HTTP…

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Nuclei Hacking Tool is an open-source project that automates scanning for known vulnerabilities in web applications

Nuclei – Automated Vulnerability Scanner Tool

Nuclei Hacking Tool: Enhancing Cybersecurity with Automated Scanning Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of our digital age, and it is essential to have the right tools to ensure the safety…

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Push notification from recon on kali linux to Slack, discord, telegram, whatsapp

Notify – Tool to Notify an Output of Several Recon Tools

Notify Notify is a Go-based assistance package that enables you to stream the output of several hacking or recon tools (or read from a file) and publish it to a…

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Ghauri - Advance Tool to Automatically Detect and Exploiting SQL Injection xploitlab

Ghauri – Advance Tool to Automatically Detect and Exploiting SQL Injection

Ghauri An advanced cross-platform tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection security flaws. Requirements Features Installation Download Ghauri

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MetaFinder - Tool for Searching Documents in a Domain with search engine google, bing, baidu, yandex

MetaFinder – Tool for Searching Documents in a Domain

Overview MetaFinder is a tool to find documents in a website or domain. This tool is using Search Engines (Google, Bing and Baidu) to Search for documents in a domain….

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