Photon – OSINT Tools To Extracts URLs, Social Media Accounts, Emails And More

Photon Logo - OSINT Tools To Extracts URLs, Social Media Accounts, Emails And More

Photon is one tool that can do many things to help you collect data about target. Just insert the target and this tool will automatically grab and show the detailed data.


Photon is a incredibly fast crawler designed for OSINT, because with this tool you can extracts emails, subdomains, social media accounts, Secret Keys and many more.

This some features that can do with Photon :

Key Features

Data Extraction

Photon can extract the following data while crawling:

  • URLs (in-scope & out-of-scope)
  • URLs with parameters (
  • Intel (emails, social media accounts, amazon buckets etc.)
  • Files (pdf, png, xml etc.)
  • Secret keys (auth/API keys & hashes)
  • JavaScript files & Endpoints present in them
  • Strings matching custom regex pattern
  • Subdomains & DNS related data

The extracted information is saved in an organized manner or can be exported as json.

Photon Extract Files - OSINT Tools To Extracts URLs, Social Media Accounts, Emails


Control timeout, delay, add seeds, exclude URLs matching a regex pattern and other cool stuff. The extensive range of options provided by Photon lets you crawl the web exactly the way you want.


Photon’s smart thread management & refined logic gives you top notch performance.

Still, crawling can be resource intensive but Photon has some tricks up it’s sleeves. You can fetch URLs archived by to be used as seeds by using --wayback option.


Intelligent Multi-Threading

Here’s a secret, most of the tools floating on the internet aren’t properly multi-threaded even if they are supposed to. They either supply a list of items to threads which results in multiple threads accessing the same item or they simply put a thread lock and end up rendering multi-threading useless.
But Photon is different or should I say “genius”? Take a look at this and decide yourself.

Ninja Mode

In Ninja Mode, 3 online services are used to make requests to the target on your behalf. So basically, now you have 4 clients making requests to the same server simultaneously which gives you a speed boost, minimizes the risk of connection reset as well as delays requests from a single client.

Photon Normal Mode vs Ninja Mode - OSINT Tools


Photon can be launched using a lightweight Python-Alpine (103 MB) Docker image.

git clone
cd Photon
docker build -t photon .
docker run -it --name photon photon:latest -u 

To view results, you can either head over to the local docker volume, which you can find by running docker inspect photonor by mounting the target loot folder:

docker run -it –name photon -v “$PWD:/Photon/” photon:latest -u


usage: [options]
 -u --url            root url
 -l --level          levels to crawl
 -t --threads        number of threads
 -d --delay          delay between requests
 -c --cookie         cookie
 -r --regex          regex pattern
 -s --seeds          additional seed urls
 -e --export         export formatted result
 -o --output         specify output directory
 -v --verbose        verbose output
 --keys              extract secret keys
 --clone             clone the website locally
 --exclude           exclude urls by regex
 --stdout            print a variable to stdout
 --timeout           http requests timeout
 --ninja             ninja mode
 -update             update photon
 --headers           supply http headers
 --dns               enumerate subdomains & dns data
 --only-urls         only extract urls
 --wayback           Use URLs from as seeds
 --user-agent        specify user-agent(s) 

Frequent & Seamless Updates

Photon is under heavy development and updates for fixing bugs. optimizing performance & new features are being rolled regularly.

If you would like to see features and issues that are being worked on, you can do that on Development project board.

Updates can be installed & checked for with the --update option. Photon has seamless update capabilities which means you can update Photon without losing any of your saved data.

Contribution & License

You can contribute in following ways:

  • Report bugs
  • Develop plugins
  • Add more “APIs” for ninja mode
  • Give suggestions to make it better
  • Fix issues & submit a pull request

Please read the guidelines before submitting a pull request or issue.

Do you want to have a conversation in private? Hit me up on my twitter, inbox is open 🙂


Photon - OSINT Tools To Extracts URLs, Social Media Accounts, Emails And More
Photon CLI
Photon Output - OSINT Tools To Extracts URLs, Social Media Accounts, Emails
Photon Example Output

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