PS2EXE – Tool to Compile Powershell Scripts to Executables

PS2EXE - GUI Tool to Compile Powershell Scripts to Executables


Overworking of the great script of Ingo Karstein with GUI support. The GUI output and input is activated with one switch, real windows executables are generated. With Powershell 5.x support and graphical front end.

Module version.

You find the script based version here ( and here: PS2EXE-GUI: “Convert” PowerShell Scripts to EXE Files with GUI.

  • Author: Markus Scholtes
  • Version: 1.0.10
  • Date: 2021-04-10

Attention: Incorrect virus detection

Some (really) stupid idiot seems to have abused PS2EXE to compile his computer virus script. As a result, a rapidly growing number of virus scanners recognize programs created with PS2EXE as malicious programs and delete them.

There is only one hope to save the PS2EXE project: Please send your (harmless) programs created with PS2EXE via the web forms from the virus scanners’ vendors for reporting false positives (I’ve already done it with some of them, please use only the false positive page)!

If this is not successful, then I will have to quit PS2EXE as nobody can use it anymore.

Thank you for your support


PS C:\> Install-Module ps2exe

(on Powershell V4 you may have to install PowershellGet before) or download from here:


Invoke-ps2exe .\source.ps1 .\target.exe


ps2exe .\source.ps1 .\target.exe

compiles “source.ps1” into the executable target.exe (if “.\target.exe” is omitted, output is written to “.\source.exe”).

or start Win-PS2EXE for a graphical front end with


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