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Raven Cyber Threat Map

Raven is Advanced Cyber Threat Map simplified, customizable and responsive. With this tool you can monitor cyber attack all over the world. It uses D3.js with TOPO JSON, has 247 countries, ~100,000 cities, and can be used in an isolated environment without external lookups!.


  • Uses D3.js (Not Anime.js)
  • Active threat map (Live and replay)
  • IP, country, city, and port info for each attack
  • Attacks stats for countries (Only known attacks)
  • Responsive interface (Move, drag, zoom in and out)
  • Customize options for countries and cites
  • 247 countries are listed on the interface (Not 174)
  • Optimized worldmap for faster rendering
  • Includes IP lookup, port information
  • Random simulation (IP, country, city)
  • Can be used online or offline (Static)
  • Theme picker module

Demo [Firefox, Chrome or Safari]

Raven - Advanced and Customizable Cyber Threat Map Live Demo

Embed it

//You only need to embed this iframe in your project. <iframe id=”raven-iframe” src=”https://qeeqbox.github.io/raven/src/raven.html” frameborder=”0″ width=”100%” height=”100%” scrolling=”auto”></iframe> //Then, run the initialization script with your custom settings – That’s all! <script type=”text/javascript”>document.getElementById(‘raven-iframe’).addEventListener(“load”, function() {var raven_options = { ‘world_type’: null, ‘selected_countries’: [], ‘remove_countries’: [‘aq’], ‘height’: window.innerHeight, ‘width’: window.innerWidth, ‘backup_background_color’: ‘#212222’, ‘orginal_country_color’: ‘#737373’, ‘clicked_country_color’: ‘#6c4242’, ‘selected_country_color’: ‘#ff726f’, ‘attack_output’: true, ‘global_timeout’: 2000, ‘global_stats_limit’: 10, ‘db_length’: 1000, ‘location’: ‘scripts’, ‘panels’: [‘multi-output’, ‘single-output’,’tooltip’, ‘random’, ‘insert’,’taskbar’], ‘disable’: [], ‘verbose’: true }window[‘raven’] = document.getElementById(‘raven-iframe’).contentWindow.raven window[‘raven’].init_all(raven_options) window[‘raven’].init_world() }); //After that, you can plot any data you want raven.add_to_data_to_table(‘name’,{‘from’:’seattle,wa,us’,’to’:’delhi,in’},{‘line’:{‘from’:null,’to’:null}},2000,[‘line’,’multi-output’,’single-output’])</script>


  • Wikipedia, naturalearthdata, d3.js, topojson, jquery, font-awesome, OSINT package, iana, geonames, AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE
  • Let me know if I missed a reference or resource!


  • The dark grey style is typical in my projects (You can change that if you want)
  • If you need help improving your world map or cyber threat map, reach out, and I might be able to help you!
  • Please spend some time in understanding how this project works before opening any issues or leaving any inquiries or comments
  • If you want to see other examples of worldmaps that DO NOT have all the features listed in this project (Google image search -> world map dark grey)

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