Social Box – Tool To Perform Brute Force Attack On Any Social Media (Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Gmail)

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SocialBox is a Bruteforce Attack Framework ( Facebook , Gmail , Instagram ,Twitter ). Coded By Tunisian Hacker Belahsan Ouerghi.

One of the best method to hacking someone accounts is BruteForce attacks, you can hack Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and any social media with continuously log in using thousands of password lists until the correct password is found.

With just SocialBox you can perform brute force attack on any social media. But SocialBox is not supported Proxy, maybe the proxy feature is underbuild to make SocialBox more powerfull.


§  sudo apt-get install git

§  git clone

§  cd SocialBox

§  chmod +x

§  chmod +x

§  ./

§  ./

Screenshots :

Tested On :

  • Backbox linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Kali linux

Contact :

Authors :

How To Run it :

Go to SocialBox folder, and the type command :

§  ./

2. Choose your choice for example number 1, just type 1

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