Spyse – Cybersecurity Search Engine for Gathering Juicy Information

Spyse - All in one Cybersecurity Search Engine for Gathering Juicy Information

In google you can get deep information with dork, basically search engine can show you deep information from internet included secret data. But, you have to know how the search engine work, so you can make your own keyword style to get the data.


Spyse Cybersecurity Search Engine (Find Any Technical Information About Internet Assets)

Spyse is a all-in-one search engine for cybersecurity. Easy to use, you just enter the domain or some keyword and automatically show some juicy data. Spyse is deep search engine that can help you to perform information gathering to find a vulnerabilty. And also you can found all-in-one data gathering tools.

Spyse Tools

Spyse - Cybersecurity Search Engine for Gathering Juicy Information

What data will be obtained

Spyse Search can explore entire countries, various types of infrastructures and everything down to the smallest particles of the web. Use the plethora of search parameters at your disposal to achieve the most accurate results.

  • Find specific types of products by meta data, filter them by location, CVEs or other parameters
  • Reveal all servers with certain vulnerabilities using just one filter
  • Find Elasticsearch databases on IP hosts with low security levels (<40), on which there are websites with descriptions containing words like “healthcare”
  • Reveal all domains which were registered by some company and filter them by meta, status code or whois data

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