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On internet vulnerabilities is always found on any services and devices. Even though the security has been updated there is always be a new bug. Because many ways and method to get into a system. But, with “Syhunt” you can automatically check your devices and web applications to detect vulnerabilities.


Syhunt Security is a leader in application security in the Americas and worldwide with the proven assessment technology to enable organizations to actively guard their mobile and web applications. Find below more about our products and why they excel. Review their features and capabilities and pick the one the best matches your needs.

Check today for all kinds of vulnerabilities

Syhunt on-premise scanner suite come with everything you need to defend your web applications. With Syhunt you can easily check for a wide array of different web application security threats through source code, live dynamic analysis or both.

Spyhunt Products

  • Syhunt Hybrid
  • Syhunt Mobile
  • Syhunt Dynamic
  • Syhunt Code For Web Apps
  • Syhunt Insight

Syhunt Hybrid

Syhunt Dynamic Scan - Mobile and Web Application Security Testing Tools

Syhunt Hybrid combines comprehensive static and dynamic security scans to detect vulnerabilities like XSS, File Inclusion, SQL Injection, Command Execution and many more.

With Syhunt’s unique gray box/hybrid scanning capability the information acquired during source code scans is automatically used to create and enhance dynamic scans. All entry points are covered generating detailed information about the security level of your web applications.

Syhunt Mobile

syhunt scan vulnerability on mobile devices

Syhunt Mobile enables publishers, developers and QA testers to automatically scan Android and iOS mobile apps for the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and other vulnerabilities. Find the vulnerable portions of the code in minutes and patch them before making app updates available to users.

Syhunt Dynamic

syhunt scan vulnerabilities on any web services

Syhunt Dynamic comes with a wide array of features to detect and help you fix your web application security vulnerabilities with minimal effort. Simply enter a start URL and get detailed vulnerability information right away.

Syhunt Dynamic is composed by a deep crawler able to fully map a website structure and an automated injector able to adapt, mutate, analyze and test the web application response to thousands of different web attacks often carried by real-world adversaries.

Syhunt Code

syhunt vulnerability code scan on website xploitlab

Syhunt Code enables web developers and QA (Quality Assurance) testers to automatically scan any kind of web application source code for potential security vulnerabilities. Pin point with this tool the exact lines of the code that need to be patched.

Syhunt Insight

Syhunt Insight quickly analyzes and exposes the source, the type and the methods currently being used to compromise your organization’s web applications.

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