Teleshadow3 – Tool To Hijack Telegram Desktop Session

Teleshadow3 Tool To Hijack Telegram Desktop Session xploitlab

Telegram is very popular cross platform messenger application, million of people use this app. If you also use telegram you have to know hacker can Hijack you desktop computer with telegram. Teleshadow is one of the tools that can hijack your desktop with this app.


Teleshadow3- Advanced Telegram Desktop Session Hijacker!

Stealing desktop telegrams has never been so easy !

Set the email and sender details of the sender and recipient or use Telegram API! and send it to the victim after compiling.

How do I use the session file?

Just put tdata and telegram.exe in the same directory and open telegram.exe

What features does it have?

  •  Bypass new security mechanisms
  •  Bypass Two-step verification!
  •  Bypass Inherent identity and need 5-digit verification code!
  •  Support SMTP Transport
  •  Support Telegram API Transport (With Proxy)
  •  Support FakeMessage
  •  Support Custom Icons
  •  Bypass A.V (Comming soon…)

NOTE: Only official telegram desktops currently supported

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