FisherMan – Tool to Collects Information From Facebook User

FisherMan - Tool to Collects data and Information From Facebook User family member, friend list, address, localtions and more


Fisherman is CLI program that collects information from facebook user profiles via Selenium and also search for public profile information on Facebook.


First you need to install geckodriver on your machine, download the binary from the official mozilla repo:, then extract and copy the binary file, i recommend placing it in /usr/bin folder.

After geckodriver is installed, clone the repository:

git clone

Install the requirements:

python3 -m pip install -r requeriments.txt


To search for a user:

  • User name: python3 -u name name.profile name.profile2
  • ID: python3 -i 000000000000

It is also possible to load multiple usernames from a .txt file, this can be useful for a brute force output type:

python3 –use-txt filename.txt

Get more deep Facebook user information

  • For specific parts of the account:
    • Basic data: python3 -u name --specify 0
    • Family and relationship: python3 -u name --specify 2
    • It is still possible to mix: python3 -u name --specify 0 2

  • To get additional things like profile picture, how many followers and how many friends:
    • python3 -u name [-s | --several]

This tool only extracts information that is public, not use for private or illegal purposes.

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