Maldrolyzer - Tool for Extracting Sensitive Data From Android (Credit Card Details, Phone Numbers, etc)

Maldrolyzer – Tool for Extracting Sensitive Data From Android Malware

In the dynamic and often perilous world of Android security, the ability to quickly and effectively analyze malware is essential. Maldrolyzer stands out as a robust framework designed specifically to…

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OpenRedireX - Open Redirect Scanner and Fuzzer Tool

OpenRedireX – Open Redirect Scanner and Fuzzer Tool

Open redirect vulnerabilities are a common security risk that can be exploited to redirect users to malicious websites, leading to phishing attacks or further exploitation. To proactively identify and address…

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Mantra - Tool to Find API key and Sensitive Information Leaks in JS Files and Pages

Mantra – Tool to Find API key Leaks in JS Files & Pages

Tool to find sensitive information from JS files The tool in question was created in Go and its main objective is to search for API keys in JavaScript files and…

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Bypass 403 - Simple Script Tool For Bypassing 403 Forbidden Response

Bypass 403 – Simple Script For Bypassing 403 Forbidden Response

Overview In the world of web application security, encountering a “403 Forbidden” response can be frustrating for security researchers and penetration testers. However, tool to bypass 403 Forbidden like Bypass-403,…

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Burpgpt - Connect OpenAI gpt with burp suite to detect security vulnerabilities that traditional scanners might miss

Burpgpt –  Integrate OpenAI GPT with Burp Suite to Discover Highly Bespoke Vulnerabilities

Burpgpt is Burp Suite extension that integrates OpenAI’s GPT to perform an additional passive scan for discovering highly bespoke vulnerabilities, and enables running traffic-based analysis of any type. Overview Burpgpt…

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WaybackSQLiScanner automatically gather urls from wayback machine then test each GET parameter for sql injection

waybackSqliScanner – Tool to Gather URLs from Wayback Machine Then Test For SQL Injection

SQL injection vulnerabilities are among the most common and critical security issues that web applications face. To aid security researchers and developers in identifying SQL injection vulnerabilities more effectively, tools…

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Commix - Tool to automates the process of command injection detection and exploitation

Commix – Automated OS Command Injection Exploitation Tool

In the realm of web application security, OS command injection vulnerabilities pose a significant risk, allowing attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the underlying operating system. Exploiting these vulnerabilities requires…

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