FFUF - Fast Web Fuzzing Tool

FFUF – Fast Web Fuzzing Tool

FFUF, which stands for “Fast File Fuzzing,” is a powerful and flexible web fuzzer tool that helps security researchers and penetration testers uncover vulnerabilities in web applications. By automating the…

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ParamSpider - Website Parameter Scraping Tool to find hidden parameters on website and web application

ParamSpider – Website Parameter Scraping Tool

ParamSpider : Find hidden parameters in web applications ParamSpider is an open-source bug bounty tool that is designed to help bug hunter and security researchers find hidden parameters in web…

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XSStrike - Automated XSS tool for detection and exploit

XSStrike – Most Advanced XSS Scanner Tool

XSS tool that can help you identify and mitigate XSS vulnerabilities is XSStrike. XSS or Cross-Site Scripting is a common web application vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject malicious…

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Assetfinder – Tool to Discover Facing Assets for Target Domain

Assetfinder Assetfinder is a powerful open-source tool used for discovering and mapping internet-facing assets for a target domain. It can be used to identify subdomains, IP addresses, and other online…

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Subfinder - Fast Passive Subdomain Enumeration and Scanner Tool

Subfinder – Fast Passive Subdomain Enumeration Tool

Subfinder is an open-source tool that is designed to help bug hunter and penetration testers discover subdomains related to a specific domain. Subdomains are often overlooked by security teams and…

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Nuclei Hacking Tool is an open-source project that automates scanning for known vulnerabilities in web applications

Nuclei – Automated Vulnerability Scanner Tool

Nuclei Hacking Tool: Enhancing Cybersecurity with Automated Scanning Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of our digital age, and it is essential to have the right tools to ensure the safety…

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Subzy - Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability Scan Tool

Subzy – Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability Tool

Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability Subdomain takeover is a high security vulnerability that infect many websites. Subdomain takeover caused by unclaimed CNAME record in third party web applications. Many companies use third…

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