Twitrends – Tool to Analyze Twitter Trending Topics, Hashtags or Keyword


Social Network Analysis

In simple terms, Social Network Analysis (SNA) is can be interpreted as an overview of interactions and relationships that always occur between one individual and another. To find out with whom a person interacts and what the purpose of the interaction there is needed an identification process to extract the raw data to some points like the sentimens, impact, participants and more.

Social network analysis is very popular since social media become a lifestyle on almost all over the world. Especially Twitter Analytics, because twitter is dominates political issues. And also there is so many social media campaign spread on twitter including global issues like health, music, celebrity and more. The question is How to collect and analyze twitter data? you can do manually but it a little time to process. Now i’ll share you an automated tool to perform Twitter Analysis.


Tool to Analyze Twitter Trending Topics, Hashtags or Keyword with 2D and 3D visualisation.

Analysing twitter trending topic that observes user characteristics of a certain trending topic/hashtags. Some indication of trending hash tag is considered curious:

  • mainly promoted by relatively new accounts
  • most of them are having few followers
  • some of them tweet an unusual amount of tweet per user

All of these indicator are just a hunch, no solid base.

Note: Twitrends is new update from the original tool called “curious-trends” created by Wibisono

Built using:


Still experimental:

  • no persistence, no rate limit throttling so you might hit free rate limit
  • hashtags were just appended everytime you open another trends link
  • trying to push data from backend to frontend for updates, but when tracking keywords that are not frequently mentioned you might endup with blank page with no data.



  • Download and install scala-sbt here
  • After you install the requirements, you can clone the Twitrends repositories by type:
    • git clone


Install scala-sbt and also Java

To install both JDK and sbt, consider using SDKMAN.

sdk install java $(sdk list java | grep -o “8\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.hs-adpt” | head -1) sdk install sbt

And then clone the repositories

git clone

Starting App

First configure twitter settings:

  • Open twitter.conf file
  • Setup your twitter API keys in that file. To get Twitter API click here, then log in and create an apps.

Perpare the build with:

sbt compileStatics

Then you can run Twitrends by type:

sbt run

http://localhost:9000/#/trends/[hashtag] to see current state of curious trend of [hashtag], should be pushing live update from backend. Everytime you open this endpoint with additional hashtag it will accumulate, and the more you did this you might hit twitter Rate limit for your API. Either that or memory limit at some point, current implementation has no backend/persistence support.

http://localhost:9000/assets/2d/ to see 2d visualization using d3 js. Improper integration with d3 js assuming you run this without modification on port 9000 on localhost. Still don’t know how to properly use udash for this.

http://localhost:9000/assets/3d/ the 3d visualization. For both of these visualization, no live update/push from backend, it’s pull based you need to refresh to get the latest data.

This is an example of normal generic trending topics user characteristics looks like (ramos after dirty wins of Real madrid):

Twitrends - Tool to Analyze Twitter Trending Topics, Hashtags or Keyword xploitlab

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