Twosint – Automated OSINT Tool to Investigate Twitter Account

Twosint - Automated OSINT Tool to Investigate Twitter xploitlab

What is Twosint?

Twosint is a Twitter OSiNT investigation tool that automates twint . It’s a 300+ lines Python3 code that automates a lot of the stuff by cutting all the flags into modules. At first it was just a lame script that just automated things but now it has become a console .

Yes, you can use it as a ‘terminal’ in that you can set things, unset things , get the current username , exit, clear, get information on modules, set modules and all that good stuff.

Twitter open source intelligence. How do we do it? This is a great question and it should interest you as an information gatherer because Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms at this moment . We can rest assured say that most of us own an account on the platform .

How we, as information gatherers conduct a Twitter OSINT investigation?

  • We do NOT use the Twitter’s API. Why you ask? Well this should be self-explanatory . Twitter has limits. Even though all you are doing is 100% legal, or I just hope it is, Twitter believes that you are up to no good and from a machine’s perspective you are definitely a threat when you are scrolling at 100 mph on a person’s account . So please, avoid using the Twitter’s API .
  • We SCRAPE Twitter. You might think that you are in the wrong place but you are not . You won’t need to program nothing at all because with the folks at twintproject, we have twint. An advanced Twitter scraping tool coded in Python that allows you to scrape tweets from Twitter and much more WITHOUT using the Twitter API. This ensures , that you can 100% scroll at 800 mph and you WON’T get blocked by Twitter where as with Twitter API, you will get blocked at about a few hundred tweets.


Note: You need the python library called twint. Installation gudie right here: Or follow the step down bellow.

Twint Installation:

git clone –depth=1 cd twint pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Twosint Installation:

git clone cd tw1tter0s1nt pip install -r requirements.txt / pip3 install -r requirements.txt chmod +x python3

If the requirements file doesn’t work, type in: pip3 install twint

Tested OS:

  • Kali Linux ==> Fully supported
  • Pop!_OS ==> Fully supported


After you successfully install all requirements, then you can run this tool:

  • Type: python3
  • Then, type in a username for instance networkchuck
  • Type: help to see what happens
    • All the command will be displayed. I recommend studying them for a second to see what each one does. Just for the demo we can run ‘modulebomb’
  • Type: modulebomb
  • After that, you’ll see list of the payloads. Choose one of them and run it by type: run <payload name>
  • BOOM!! you got the result

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